What we do

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#Tag-IMC – Incident Management Centre:

  • 24hr Coordination of your emergency.
  • Jointly creating protocols to suit your company’s needs.
  • Follow official channels to ensure correct reporting methods.
  • Situation dependant, putting you in touch with the correct person for your needs.
  • Being in contact with the right people for you.
  • Incident management during your work time & private time.
  • Strongest in KZN, and willing to assist anywhere in South Africa.
  • Collectively, over 50 years of experience in the crime prevention, incident management, technology and relationship building field.

#Tag-ICE+ Panic button for your smart phone:

  • Works on various operating systems. (Android, Iphone, Windows Mobile, Firefox, Blackberry 10).
  • Make use of GPS, WIFI & LBS Tracking.
  • Small, Simple and user friendly App to install & operate.
  • Non smartphone speed dial function with LBS Technology.
  • Full customization of the app skin to personalise it to your company or community group. (Registered users dependant)


  • Self-management of employees and information on the company’s profile.
  • Individual profile of each employee, linked to the company account.
  • Online & USSD access to your profile for updating.

#Tag Assist does the common things uncommonly well